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Because you and your laptop deserve to be treated well 😋 👌

satechi macbook accessories 2021

If you’re a regular MacBook user, you’re undoubtedly aware that having the computer plus a laptop stand may not be sufficient. …

Integration of AWS, Kubernetes, and Ansible

4 Steps Easy to follow: I am going to show you how to set up a Multi-Node Kubernetes Cluster using Ansible inside AWS EC2 in just one click

integration of kubernetes aws and ansible

Brief Info about Kubernetes k8s, Redhat Ansible, and AWS

What is Kubernetes?

Integration of Technologies Using Python

Develop a Voice-Controlled Python Assistant Menu with the Integration of Different Technologies Like AWS, Hadoop, Docker, Linux, LVM Partitioning, etc.

voice assistant

A voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, language processing algorithms, and voice synthesis to listen to specific voice commands and return relevant information or perform specific functions as requested by the user.

Based on specific commands, sometimes called intents, spoken by the user, voice assistants can…

Integration of Python CGI & Web UI

Web UI Interface to Run Commands of AWS, Hadoop, Linux, Docker Easily in Just One Click

Python CGI Programming and Web User Interface

A good interface makes it easy for users to tell the computer what they want to do, for the computer to request information from the users, and for the computer to present understandable information. Clear communication between the user and the computer is the working premise of good UI design.

Because You’re Device Needs Love and Care

Best iPhone Wallet 2021

An iPhone wallet case is a must-have if you want to go about your daily routine without toting around a bulky wallet. Such accessories will conveniently hold your essential cards, cash, and ID in one place, all while protecting your iPhone from scratches and drops.

The best iPhone wallet cases…

Dual Compatible Wireless Chargers Support iPhone & Android Too

Best Wireless iPhone and Android Chargers 2021, Best Wireless iPhone Chargers To Buy 2021

When it comes to sheer convenience, nothing beats having a wireless charger on hand. Today’s wireless charging accessories are more versatile than ever — handy for charging smartphones and other compatible gadgets like wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and even battery packs. …

Number 3 on The List is My Favorite

Best Apple Watch to Buy In 2021

The Apple Watch is unquestionably the greatest and most popular wristwatch on the market today. Every version of the device is unquestionably the finest in its price category, with a blend of stylish and configurable design, a fully waterproof build, easy controls, excellent hardware specs, and performance to match.


Top Apple iPad Accessories Compatible With Any iPad

Best Apple iPad accessories 2021
Designed with Canva — Image By Author

If you use your iPad more than any other device, you should know that there are a plethora of Best Apple iPad accessories 2021 available to make your favourite device even better. …

Exclusive iPhone Accessories Apple Fans Should Try in 2021

Designed with Canva — Image By Author

It’s 2021 — a wonderful time for any Apple Fan in terms of finding the best Phone accessories. …

Never Use These 5 Words It’ll Block The Flow Of Positive Energy

5 Words To Keep Away From While Manifesting Law of Attraction
Made With Canva — Image By Author

Introduction to the Subconscious Mind — A brief explanation of how the subconscious mind functions and how we are programmed in our society.

5 Words To Never Use Avoid While Manifesting

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